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Governance within AcedrA is of paramount importance. It is essential to maintain accountability and protect stakeholders, as well as position the organization for future success. Adherence to governance best practices ensures that the board of directors, compliance board and executive team are accountable for decisions and actions taken by the company. Good governance creates long-term commercial success as it manages risk and drives better decision-making throughout the whole business. 

The Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart of AcedrA

A board of directors and a governance compliance board should be accountable for setting policy, succession planning, and protecting stakeholders from potential issues or liabilities. Along with these responsibilities, executive teams should ensure that governance measures are being followed in order to utilize resources efficiently and properly manage risk. With governance in place, these measures can create transparency and integrity, thus fostering credible relationships with external stakeholders.

Our scientific advisory board brings together experts from across the fields of science and sustainability, giving us their professional insights into the efficacy of our projects and initiatives. This invaluable input allows us to continue innovating solutions that have meaningful impacts on the healthcare ecosystem in the MENA region. With a combination of governance and a scientific advisory board, we’re able to stay ahead of emerging environmental challenges while ensuring our efforts are grounded in evidence-based practices

AcedrA Governance Bodies

Man Signing

Board of Directors

AcedrA BoDs provide leadership and oversight so we can reach our goals and achieve our mission.

Laws and regulations

Comliance Baord

Quasi-independant board with the mission to ensure the full compliance of the organization.

Doctor's Desk

Scientific Advisory Board

Totally independant board with the mission to design the scientifc pathway of AcedrA.

Countryside Road

If you have any comments about the governance of AcedrA, leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

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