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AcedrA brings comprehensive knowledge and experience in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and MediTech sector, which gives our future partners the opportunity to outsource their commercial projects and develop innovative approaches. This helps them to save costs, reduce time-to-market, and increase efficiency. AcedrA's expertise in this field makes it a reliable partner worldwide, and even more so for those willing to operate in the Middle East and North Africa region. Our proven track record over the years has enabled us to establish strong relationships with partners across the globe, allowing us to provide cost-effective solutions while keeping quality at a high level.

Our Business Units

AcedrA is a regional leader in medical innovation, driven by three business units that focus on unmet needs and unique opportunities.

  • Our Unmet Medical Needs business unit specializes in identifying diseases with no available treatments and working to make accessible groundbreaking therapies.

  • The Unmet Commercial Needs unit explores new ways to improve existing methods of care, making treatments more accessible and affordable.

  • Finally, in our Medical Technology unit, we are dedicated to leveraging new technologies to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

With advances in all three areas, AcedrA is poised to revolutionize the way medical treatments are delivered around the Middle East & North Africa region.


Access Sourcing

AcedrA is on a mission to bridge the gap between drug supply and demand, ensuring quality healthcare for all. With our global network of more than 100 suppliers, we are able to provide reliable access to essential medications at competitive prices - breaking down geographical and economic barriers that have previously limited access to treatments.


We believe that everyone has a right to quality healthcare! We are committed to making this innovative service available at all times and believe that no one should have to worry about their health due to a lack of access or affordability.


With AcedrA, you can put your trust in us for all of your medication needs.


Access Innovation

AcedrA is revolutionizing the healthcare sector in the MENA region. Bridging with innovative Biotech and MedTech companies, AcedrA aims to reduce the time-to-market for advanced therapeutics and treatments. This translates into a world of possibilities for healthcare professionals, scientific societies, patient communities, and beyond.


With access to the latest cutting-edge technology, these individuals and organizations can now stay ahead of the curve, offering enhanced solutions that benefit everyone. AcedrA is making it possible for healthcare professionals to provide better care, and provide patients with access to more advanced treatments.


This is a game-changer in the MENA region! Join us as we take healthcare to the next level.


Our Therapeutic Areas

At AcedrA, we specialize in delivering, distributing, and even co-developing innovative treatments for conditions with unmet medical needs. Our cutting-edge expert team is dedicated to uncovering novel therapeutics that can make life easier for patients across the MENA region who are facing complex cases with limited options.


We believe that progress starts here: by taking on today's toughest medical challenges with courage, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. Together, we can make a difference and revolutionize healthcare for everyone. Join us in our mission to provide hope and life-changing solutions.


Develop Passionately

AcedrA is the go-to partner for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medtech companies in the MENA region looking for value-adding partnerships that will drive their business forward. With AcedrA, you can rest assured that your business development goals will be achieved quickly and efficiently.


AcedrA Institute is a comprehensive educational platform that offers healthcare professionals access to the latest news, insights, and research related to the medical field. The platform provides access to curated articles, cutting-edge research studies, and market intelligence from around the world. Our mission is to make sure that healthcare professionals are informed about the latest trends in their field and are equipped to make decisions that can improve patient outcomes.

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