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Transparency & Disclosure

AcedrA believes that interactions with Health Care Providers (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) positively influence the quality of patient treatment. To provide patients with optimal treatment options, HCPs need to stay informed about the latest developments in current and potential new medicines. HCPs in turn provide the industry with insights into how to improve medicines by feeding back on how they work in real-world settings.

We recognize that patients expect transparency around these relationships to feel confident that HCPs are impartial and always recommend the most appropriate treatment options. The payments and transfers of value disclosed here were made for activities such as providing professional advice about how medicines are used in practice, sharing professional expertise at medical education meetings, and taking part in advisory boards, research, and educational grants:


International Regulations

AcedrA adheres to numerous global transparency laws, codes, and regulations, including Section 6002 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as "OPEN PAYMENTS" or the "Physician Payments Sunshine Act"), the French Bertrand Act, and other requirements regarding disclosures, in full compliance with the expectations of our international partners.

Local Regulations

AcedrA adheres to the laws, codes, and regulations of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, via the Transparency and Payments Disclosure Guidance for Medical Companies Guidelines (Version 2.1) and engaged in reporting by electronic format into the Saudi Health Disclosure and Transparency Portal.

AcedrA is committed to meeting such disclosure obligations, including payments and/or other transfers of value provided by AcedrA or its partners, clients, and suppliers to certain healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations.


To know more about our Transparency Policy please download our Code of Conduct.

To report any matter related to Transparency please send an email to

Download AcedrA Code of Conduct


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