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AcedrA from Cedar

The name of AcedrA comes from the name of a majestic tree "Cedar", very famous in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. The great Cedar tree will forever be deeply rooted throughout the ancient histories of the world. From its strong, versatile wood to its fragrant and medicinal evergreen foliage, Cedar has supported many different peoples with its countless uses for millennia. Cedar is known traditionally to treat difficult diseases. Thus, designed AcedrA!

From Saudi Arabia
                  to the whole world

Since its foundation in 2017, AcedrA joined the efforts of the kingdom via "Vision 2030" to enhance the non-oil economic sector and transform Saudi Arabia into a global icon in terms of scientific research and development.

One of the three major pillars of vision 2030, creating a "Vibrant Society" where enabling full and healthy lives through the improvement of health services and quality of life in Saudi cities are the strategic objectives.

Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia
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