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Message from the CEO

Since AcedrA was established in 2017, we have followed the rule of "daring to do" in developing our processes and plans.

We have always proven passion for science, and it is in our DNA to create new value in transforming how we help patients and scientific communities in this part of the world where it exists a heterogenous gap in covering Unmet Needs.


We have been establishing a new pattern of business that requires making the patient the main pillar in formulating sustainable corporate goals. We set out boldly to prove our ability to serve the scientific and medical community by creating a hybrid platform linking the academic community, R&D companies, hospitals, and the patient. Our presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and our alignment with the goals of Vision 2030, contributed significantly to attracting the latest findings of science in terms of pharmacological and medical solutions to patients and scientific communities and strengthened our role in reducing the impact of unmet needs.

This helped us to expand our business in the entire Middle East and North Africa region, as all borders are removed from caring for human health. And to operate in the new fields of biotechnology and gene editing.

Many thanks from the heart to all our employees, partners, funders, customers. Every minute in the company is an inspiring story for all of us about dedication to providing the best of what we have to serve the important and noble vision. And the march continues.. towards success.


Mohamed Hosni STA

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Al Riyadh, KSA

January 12th, 2023

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