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The DNA of AcedrA

Who We Are


In December 2017, AcedrA obtained its license from the Saudi Food & Drug Authority


The Vision

Be the first complete life science company with Research & Discovery, Manufacturing, Developing, and Commercialization capabilities aiming to have the first drug 100% own discovered and made.

The Values

Every single letter in AcedrA represents a Value that is reflected by every AcedriAian:

A for Ability

C for Competency

E for Efficiency

D for Dignity

R for Reliability

and A for Accountability

Values of AcedrA

The Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize access to health solutions that are innovative, safe, and effective by striving to create an environment of collaboration, innovation, and success that will foster the affordability of groundbreaking treatments and therapies for patients and scientific communities in the Middle East and North Africa region.

DNA of AcedrA
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