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The Science-Based Company

AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals is a regional leading provider of cutting-edge scientific & business services, offering scalable solutions for clinical-stage and commercial-stage companies of all sizes. Founded by a group of experts who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, today we offer smart, innovative services to dozens of clients worldwide.

We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards and have been part of making innovation affordable for patients and scientific communities in the Middle East & North Africa region since 2017.


We continue to expand our practices each and every day. Get in touch today to learn more about the AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals story.

What We Do

At AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals, we believe that our solutions will contribute to our partners' clinical and commercial success.

AcedrA is built with a noble mission: limit the unmet medical needs in the Middle East & North Africa region. How? by:

  • Licensing

  • Managed & Early Access Programs

  • Regulatory & Medical Affairs Management

  • Distribution & Supply Chain management

  • Full Agency Management

  • Advisory & Consultancy

Get in touch today to know more about AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals services.

From Science we build our Capabilities

The multidisciplinary nature of our sector has been the major strength of our business development activities since we began our work in 2017. AcedrA is tracking the clinical pipeline of more than 1000 biotechnology and medical companies across the globe. Seeking the most suitable therapeutics and innovative solutions to the patients and the scientific communities in the Middle East and Africa region.

Regional Coverage

It is all about Access

Today the challenges among the majority of the countries within the Middle East and North Africa region that face healthcare policymakers are no more about diagnostics; it is all about accessing the right therapies.  

AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals is distributing and sourcing specialty pharmaceuticals items and medical devices and equipment to the MENA region.

The mission in our sourcing is to avoid any discontinuation in the treatment of a patient and to afford the latest therapeutics and medical devices with the best economic interests to the healthcare providing facilities.


Vaccine Production Line

AcedrA BioPharmaceuticals is a hybrid platform. At the same time a highly processed distributor and services provider. This allow us to meet the need of any innovator who is seeking a partner that can contribute to the clinical and commercial success.

The mission is to make innovation affordable for the patients and the scientific ommunities in the MENA region.

Business Units

There are 3 business units working cross-functionally inside AcedrA: The Business Unit of the Unmet Medical Needs, The Business Unit of the Unmet Commercial Needs and the Business Unit of the Medical Technology

Unmet Medical Needs

Therapeutic Areas

As we are a SCIENCE-BASED COMPANY, our mission is to fulfill the gap in the unmet needs in the MENA region

Rare & Ultra-Rare Diseases


AcedrA is a fast-growing startup with investment opportunities aligned with our vision and mission.

Curious investors? explore the future with us!

Invest in the Future

By investing in our cutting-edge company, you're helping to build a brighter tomorrow – one full of possibilities and making affordable potential cures for patients in the MENA region.

Great Place to Work

The Human Capital

Be AcedrAian

At AcedrA, we know how important human talent is to the success of our industry. We strive to hire the best minds in their fields and provide them with a supportive environment where they can utilize their skills and expertise to drive real change.

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